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Креативный дуэт режиссёров-операторов из Португалии


Paulo is a filmmaker. Fred is a filmmaker too.
The first is Portuguese and lives between Germany and Portugal. The latter is Portuguese and lives between Japan and Portugal.
Paulo is a rootless wanderer. Fred started a personal journey and ended up working in Asia. Paulo graduated as a cinematographer in Lisbon. Still a teenager Fred made a film and only then graduated as a director, in Barcelona. Paulo worked for about two decades as a Photography and Film Director on commercials, documentaries and feature films.
Fred has directed around 100 commercials for numerous brands and loves shooting original documentaries, short films and music videos. Paulo chases the thrill of telling stories in every known continent and loves to create emotions through the aesthetic of image.
Fred has been infinitely passionate about the visual arts and storytelling since he was born. Paulo is cinematographer and director.
Fred is a director and cinematographer. They share snoring and dreaming. Sometimes they have night terrors.
Other times they experience early awakenings. Together, they are BUNKBED.

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